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Did you know....

Your Fedex bill might contain ...

  • Dimensional weight charges that could triple shipping costs or more
  • Oversize charges for boxes that may (or may not be) just a tiny bit over size limits
  • Categories of shipping that you thought were discounted but had no discount
  • Bills for shipments you thought were paid for by a third party
  • Extra fees for overseas shipments you might not have expected
  • Additional Handling fees for any number of reasons

Saves you time

Shipping bills can amount to hundreds of pages, and can take days to analyse the old fashioned, line-by-line way. With BillSniffer, you can find important things in your bill in just seconds.

Control your costs

In this economy, it's not acceptible to spend too much for anything, but many compaines do. Each and every month companies spend too much for shipping, without knowing why. Sometimes very small changes in packaging could end up saving big bucks in shipping. BillSniffer will help you find the extra charges you can avoid next time.

Negotiate a better deal

Find out ways where you can ask for a better deal.